The Mid Autumn Moon Festival

The Mid Autumn Moon Festival is a harvest festival that is celebrated in several Asian countries on the full moon in the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

In 2020, the Moon Festival falls on October 1, and in 2021 it falls on September 20. Organizers in Port Coquitlam are funded and prepared to put on family-oriented events. Dates and places will be announced on this web site.

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The Vietnamese version of the festival is a family occasion, designed for children to enjoy. The festival is also called the Moon Festival, the Children’s Festival, or the Lantern Festival, these names reflecting the important themes of the Mid Autumn Festival.

Typical activities for an organized family event include: • Story-telling: traditional moon legends for children • Lanterns: display of artwork, lanterns for children to take home • Performance: traditional dance and music, performed by children where possible. • Moon cakes: the traditional holiday treat

These are pictures from past moon festival events illustrating these activities.

Story telling

Moon cake sampling

Lanterns for the children


Traditional dance

Traditional dress

Lantern making