A moon festival event was held in Port Coquitlam's Leigh Square Plaza on September 14, 2019. It was preceded by a lantern-making workshop in the Outlet Workroom on September 7, 2019.

The moon festival event included:

  • Story-telling

  • Lanterns, which were given to children to take home

  • Performance: traditional dance, music and song

  • Moon cakes: the traditional holiday treat

Funding for this event was provided by the Port Coquitlam Cultural Development Investment Program and it was carried out with the help of numerous community volunteers.

A media story was written about the event in The Source (PDF)

One of the videos below is a production about our event by VTV4, Vietnam's international TV channel. The sound track is in Vietnamese, but it contains good photographic coverage of the event.

We will be adding more information to this web site soon, in preparation for another event in 2020.

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